Simien Mountains National Park

Find beautiful experiences and rich history at Simien Mountains National Park

Simien Mountains National Park provides stunning panoramic landscapes combined with rich history and culture. It’s the perfect place for a tour.

Known as the Rooftop of Africa, the Simien Mountains National Park is endowed with various wild life and spiced with panoramic views. This massive plateau, featuring a river with endless gullies and pinnacles, offers tough but rewarding trekking. Defy gravity as you hike along a ridge that falls sheer to the plains far below. Not only will the scenery and altitude leave you speechless, but you will be captivated by the singing of birds, the excitement of sitting among troops of gelada baboons or spotting magnificent herd of Walia ibex just on rock ledges, and hiding Ethiopian wolf for catching grass-rats under the giant lobelia trees.

Simien Mountains Natural Park
Simien Mountains Natural Park Wildlife

Thanks to the combination of its geology (volcanic out pouring) and bio-diversity, the park is a world heritage site. However, it has long been on the world heritage in danger list due to population settlement, civil war and road construction in side the national park. Despite this as one of Africa’s most beautiful and majestic ranges and home of large endemic animal species such as Gelada Baboons, Walia Ibex, Ethiopian Wolf and Minelik’s Bush Buck. Also it is a home of different bird species like Thick billed raven, Lammargayer (bone breaker), White backed black tit, Wattled ibis, Abyssinian cat bird, Black headed sis-kin, Abyssinian slaty flycatcher, Teccaze sunbird etc. If you are coming to Ethiopia, the Simien mountains national park are definitely not to be missed.

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