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Simien Mountains Tours

Tour beautiful Ethiopian mountains with Panoramic Simiens

Simien Mountains

Picturesque Hiking in the Simien Mountains

“We had a wonderful time with Afera. He was so fun, friendly and informative throughout our trek, sharing all sorts of interesting information about the area and the local culture (including Ethiopian music on his iPod) We went at the perfect pace, pausing to admire stunning views and enjoy the environment along the way. The trek was really well organized, and we always felt safe and well taken care of.”

Steve and Judy Rock

Simien Mountains Tours

Experience the Breathtaking Wonders of Ethiopia With Simien Mountains Tours

Our Simien Mountains tours are certain to captivate your heart. The home of ancient civilization, Ethiopia is located in east Africa. Known as the cradle of human civilization, it is the only uncolonized nation in Africa.

Ethiopia’s natural, cultural, and ancient history makes it a perfect place for tourism. It includes 12 of the world’s UNESCO sites:

  • Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches
  • The Fasil Ghebbi castle
  • Axum Obelisks
  • Harar fortified cities
  • The Tiya standing stone
  • Timket, Meskel, Ericha, and Fiche Chembelalala
  • The Simien Mountains National Park
  • The lower Omo valley
  • The lower Awash valley (the home of ‘Lucy’)

The Simien Mountains National Park (known as the roof of Africa) is staggeringly beautiful with its natural formations. It is the home of various animals, including the endemic Gelada baboon, Ethiopian wolf, Walia ibex and Menilik’s bush buck.

The Simien Mountains are the best place for trekking, birding, mountain biking, rock climbing, base jumping, and more. Tourists love that they can trek for 10 days and experience panoramic views like Imetgogo and Ras Dejen while enjoying endemic plants and animals like Gelada baboons. Check out our itinerary to get a sense of what we offer on our Simien Mountains Tours.

Simien Mountains Tours

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